Back Up Photos

Yes we all know we should back up photos

We talk about it and warn our friends about it. But what about our own photos? Well I was working on a project for photo gift ideas and pulling photos from my computer files. I was making a photo slideshow as a gift for my friend’s 40th birthday, when POW!

All my programmes disappeared, all my documents, files and folders and YES! all my precious photos too.

I had not taken my own advice which I had given to friends, back

Back up photos now!

Back up photos today!

up photos online and they will be safe if your computer crashes. Despair!

Where can you back up photos online?

Fortunately I had done something good and that is to back up photos and all the rest on my computer on to an external hard drive which is designed for the job, the one I use is Simple Save, very good. All my stuff I realised would be on there and I was able to clean off my computer from the spyware using MalWareBites and do a restore.

What a relief, there were all my photos, files and all. Please don’t let it happen to you. Especially please back up photos and your special documents. I use Tiny Uploads to store my photos now, it is easy and free.

Back up photos for peace of mind

Back up photos and smile!

Sleep tight but back up photos today!

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2 Responses to Back Up Photos

  1. Kellie Craft says:

    Excellent advice! Many don’t realize that their computer crashing can mean the end of their precious photos. An external, offsite backup system is a must!

  2. Celie says:

    Thanks Kellie, do you use online backups? I have for my photos but not the docs etc.